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(tested with Firbird 1.5)
(2002008 -> with systemindices too and active or not active aliases
new: instead of Registry this version save the config in two files in the exe-file's directory)


download: Set_Statiscs.rar (580Kb) or Set_Statics.exe (1.499.Kb)

1. Set Statistics?

Many years before i worked with INFORMIX, and i made the experience that
some querys will be extremly faster after "update statistics" of the indices.

Now, in Firebird its the same. Here the order is: "set statistics", and it can sometimes
very increase the performance. Therefore its a good idea to set statistics from time to time.

You can define all your databases, what you need (max = 1000)
(use IP-#, for local database:
The DB-aliases will be automatically stored. 

If you will copy the program to another computer then you have not to set new aliases.

2. Set Indices active?

Sometimes its necessary to deactivate the indices in a database restore. With this tool, you can activate
all indices in the db with one button click.

This software is free, use it on your own risk.
best regards

FB Control 1.5
Attention: only work with Firebird >= 1.5 !!!!


download:  FB Control (Version 1.5b, zip 294Kb)

After unzipping copy the file FBControl.cpl in the System32 directory.
Then go to Control Panel and you see the new tool.

-only for local use on dbserver (doesn't support remote server)
-only for normal screensetting, not for 120DPI
-only for WindowsNT/w2k/XP, not supported for Win98 etc.

Change Directory: stops an running fbserver or fbguardian, make all entries in services and registries, then you can start again ...


2004-12-15 web-update 

2003-03-05 update: FBControl    (version 1.5) 
This Version only works with the Firebird 1.5.
FBControl now uses not other registry entries, only the
FirebirdSQL registry and the HKLM\System\CurrenControlSet\Services
uses " for path, p.e.: "C:\Program Files\Firebird\fbguard.exe" -s
I hope it works well for you:)

2002-10-13 update: set_statistics    (version 2002008)
The alias-config is now handled in two files (stdbreg.dll and stdbregb.dll)
So you don't have to have HKLM-Registry permission, and you can copy
your set_statistics to another computer without set a new config.

2002-10-07 update: set_statistics    (version 2002005)
now you can also <set statistics> on the system indices.

2002-03-19 Info: new tool: Set_statics
1. With this tool you can set statistics on all indices in your database
2. If you have restored a db without activating indices, you can do this with this tool too.

2002-03-18 Bug: Language in dialogs
Dialogs are replaced with window API - dialogs, so i hope the buttons are in english,
if you have an english windows version. (mayby :) fixed in 1.3)

2002-03-17 Change Rootdir:
Added new function to change the Firebird Rootdirectory. This means you can have more as one
Firebird - Installations on your disk. Only this one is active, where the rootdir is set. There is also
a bug in the instsvc, it cannot handle long filenames and filenames with blanks. So i have to do a
workaround after change the services (this bug is fixed). 

2002-03-16  Bug: after changing to service-mode the registry-entries hkeylocalmachine\microsoft\windows\CurrentVersion\Run\FirebirdServer and/or FirebirdGuardian
was not removed. So it can happens the service tried to start and failed, because a program mode fbserver was started.
state: fixed in Version 1.1